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Design thinking in digital communications


Communicating compellingly with online audiences using design thinking

This specialist course will help participants acquire a more methodical approach towards content decisions and writing copy for digital media. The course will show participants how they can create content that is of value to particular target audiences or customer segments.

The course is structured along the design thinking process:

  • Understand: Empathize with and define a user or customer point of view
  • Explore: Generate content ideas and create prototype
  • Materialize: Test ideas and implement improvements based on test results


  • Defining customer segments/user groups with personas and scenarios (goal-based information design) and other user research tools
  • Driving organic traffic to a website with valuable content, corporate blogging, infographics
  • Using low-, medium-, high-fidelity prototypes
  • Characteristics of interaction-based content, facilitating quick and accurate user appraisal
  • Concept of online authority
  • Concept of readability for web copywriters


Participants will listen to short lectures, develop and reflect on ideas in groups, develop and create a user point of view based on common user research methods, develop their own prototypes — using their own tool of choice — that they will test on each other. They will also create content that caters to the information needs of a specific customer segment or user group.

The course will be taught in English; however, it is also suitable for participants creating content in German. Support will be given for copywriting in English or German.

Individual support will be given during the course. After the course, participants are entitled to an hour of consulting, editorial and/or proofreading support within six months of course completion for content they created based on this course.

Pubblico target

  • Content managers
  • Digital/online editors
  • Specialists in marketing or corporate communications who are responsible for creating, editing, and publishing digital content to corporate platforms

Tipo di corso


Ulteriori informazioni

Data 28.01.22 - 04.02.22
Ora 13:30 - 17:00
Località del corso FHNW - Wirtschaft
Riggenbachstrasse 16
4600 Olten
+41 848 821 011
Ente di formazione FHNW - Wirtschaft
Prezzo CHF 670.-
Buoni formazione continua accettati No
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